Hong Kong Stanley


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Plaza Stanley                             murray house                        Black pier

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wabi sabi 侘 寂


“wabi ” is the beauty of imperfection. “sabi” is the quality of age, deterioration and the passage of time.

侘 寂   A beauty of things imperfect , impermanent and incomplete..

A nice faded ripped off jeans can be a wabi sabi item or your grandmother rocking chair but
“Time is kind to things, but unkind to man.” so why fight for the inevitable, understand n and appreciate it with grace and equanimity.

you can’t get rich overnight, it takes work. same thing applies to a great pair of worn in jeans it takes work and time spent. it’s a philosophy and a way of life. it requires passion.
I always say that fashion can be bought, style can not!!!

Relax… let your clothes be clothes and age naturally.

but wearing  grossly an unwashed  button flies denim  for century is just plain sick . 

No-one really gives a fuck about the shirt or trousers you wear as long as they fit well, are well pressed, and clean  .Just Spend some money on a decent pair of shoes. 🙂


Quantitiative easing QE


Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the economy when standard monetary policy has become ineffective.

QE is aimed at stimulating economic activity, such as increasing consumer spending

One of the main tools they have to control growth is raising or lowering interest rates. Lower interest rates encourage people or companies to spend money, rather than save.
But when interest rates are almost at zero, central banks need to adopt different tactics – such as pumping money directly into the financial system.
This process is known as quantitative easing or QE.

sukajan deviant Japanese art?


Namitatsu (波達).  I think I own every designed shirt they’ve ever made. Roughly translated the Company name would mean: People of the Wave. Their motto (and label on most clothing items) is:

love about the motto though is the deeper meaning it conveys…it doesn’t have to directly apply to surfing per se, but to be active and in control; to wit: To be in charge of the path you take in life (i.e where you’ll surf on the wave-of-life and what path along it’s face you’ll take)


Brand : Namin oritatsujin

founder : break through co.ltd

Agarwood rare so expensive?



Eagle Wood
Sinking Wood

عود – Arabic –denh al oud/ Oudh
沈香 – Japanese –Jinkō
沉香 – Mandarin –Chénxiāng
沉香 – Cantonese –Cham Heong
ไม้กฤษณา – Thai –Mai Kritsana

Crasna – Khmer
Mai Ketsana – Laos
Thit Mhwae – Burmese
Aquilariae lignum resinatum – Latin
Angkaras/Engkaras – Iban
Trầm Hương – Tieng Viet / Vietnamese
Minyak Gaharu – Bahasa Melayu (Indonesian / Malay)

Aguru Sanskrit
अगार तेल – Agar Hindi
Agar Urdu
আগর গাছ – Bengali – agar gaach

Tibetan – agaru

Why Titanic sink


Titanic design can be float for 1 day suppose to be unsinkable but sink less 2 hours instead

  • the quality of the rivets some make of wrought iron ( impurity iron) instead of steel open up like a zipper (defective)
  • Messages delay of iceberg to the captain
  • rude message by the crew to others ships ( turn off their walkie-talkie or communications)
  • Lookout crews no  binocular due to changed staff  of the binocular  key holders
  • not enough life boat – 16 nos only
  • california nearest rescues boat ship – 4 hours reach instead of 2 hours

Char siu



Dynasty?? 3/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai
Golden China Restaurant    9  Jubilee St, Central
再興燒臘飯店  Joy Hing BBQ shop Block C, G/F, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai their 三寶飯
Canteen in Prince’s Building
Fu Sing on Lockhart Road
波記燒臘粉麵店 Shop P, G/F, 425 Queen’s Road West, Western District
which doesn’t look healthy and goes for ~HKD50

Chiang Mai Scooter Marathon day 13/09/2007


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the handicraft highway” is a good stretch of road heading South-East from Chiang Mai for about 10km to the village of San Kamphaeng. All along San Kamphaeng Road you will find pottery,stoneware, silverware, lacquerware, paperware, sculptures, jewellery, wood carvings and silk products.  scootering is pain in ass. ahh.. the wooden lucky frog – no need kiss me just rub my back stuff  (emits a mid-pitched chirping croak when caressed)  are made from here


Wat Thatnoi  & Wiang Kum Kam ancient  lost city &  Wat Chang Kam  just 5 km south east of the Chiang Mai metropolitan area.

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Wat Chedi Liam

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