“wabi ” is the beauty of imperfection. “sabi” is the quality of age, deterioration and the passage of time.

侘 寂   A beauty of things imperfect , impermanent and incomplete..

A nice faded ripped off jeans can be a wabi sabi item or your grandmother rocking chair but
“Time is kind to things, but unkind to man.” so why fight for the inevitable, understand n and appreciate it with grace and equanimity.

you can’t get rich overnight, it takes work. same thing applies to a great pair of worn in jeans it takes work and time spent. it’s a philosophy and a way of life. it requires passion.
I always say that fashion can be bought, style can not!!!

Relax… let your clothes be clothes and age naturally.

but wearing  grossly an unwashed  button flies denim  for century is just plain sick . 

No-one really gives a fuck about the shirt or trousers you wear as long as they fit well, are well pressed, and clean  .Just Spend some money on a decent pair of shoes. 🙂