06 (ling luk): sounds like ling lok, “lemon Coke.”
206 (
yee ling luk): sounds like yit ling lok, “hot lemon Coke.”
走冰 (zau bing): “walk ice,” meaning “without ice.”
走青(zau tseng): “walk green,” meaning “no vegetables.”
靚仔 (leng zai): handsome man, meaning “white rice.”
靚仔化妝 (leng zai faa zhong): “Handsome man wearing makeup,” meaning “white rice with soy sauce.” (Not very common, but still excellent.)
行街 (hang gaai): “go out shopping.” Means “this order is for takeaway.”
加底 (gaa dai), “add bottom.” A request for an extra helping of noodles or rice.
扣底 (kau dai), “remove bottom,” less rice or noodles.
飛砂走奶 (fei saa zau nai): “fly sand, walk milk”—“sand” refers to saa tong, granulated sugar. So the phrase means “coffee without sugar or milk