Baotou is a huge slab of urban area that runs for about 20km, being the largest city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It comprises three main areas: Donghe, 东河区the oldest part of town, to the east, and Qingshan 青山区and Kundulun 昆都仑区to the west.
Qingshan is a nondescript shopping and residential area, while Kundulun includes the iron and steel works on its western edge. The three parts of the city are well connected by frequent buses, which take thirty to forty minutes to travel between the Donghe and Kundulun districts.

Baotou bus

Buses to Hohhot (3hrs.) and Dongsheng (2hrs.) depart from the Baotou bus station, although for destinations further afield, it is probably better to take the train. Buses are mainly used for traveling to nearby sights, including Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum, Wudangzhao Monastery and the Resonant Gorge.

The main bus station is in the eastern section of the city, opposite the Donghe railway station. There are also long distance buses leaving from the station near to the intersection of Tuanjie dajie and Baiyun e’bo lu.

City transport: Minibuses shuttle back and forth within the city for just RMB2.5. Taxis and mini vans congregate round the railway station and tourist hotels. Although the minimum you have to pay is RMB8, it is still worth bargaining for longer journeys. Bike renting is also possible, ask in the Baotou Hotel, or other hotels, for details. Bikes are particularly useful for getting around in this vast, sprawling city.

There are two bus stations in Baotou for long distance travel. Both stations serve many of the major cities in China.