Baotou is a huge slab of urban area that runs for about 20km, being the largest city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It comprises three main areas: Donghe, 东河区the oldest part of town, to the east, and Qingshan 青山区and Kundulun 昆都仑区to the west.
Qingshan is a nondescript shopping and residential area, while Kundulun includes the iron and steel works on its western edge. The three parts of the city are well connected by frequent buses, which take thirty to forty minutes to travel between the Donghe and Kundulun districts.


Through the north, the northwest region of the main artery of Beijing-Baotou, Baotou-Lanzhou, Baoshen package West railway intersection in the package, the eastbound can even Beijing, westbound can even Lanzhou, southbound may even Taiyuan, Xi’an, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places.
Baotou City train station, the most important thing is Baotou Station and Baotou East Railway Station.Both far apart, travelers friends car ride point, so as to avoid the car must figure out before.
Baotou station:
Address: Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, kundulun Arden Street, the southern tip of
How to get there: by 1,2,15,101 such as the bus.
Baotou East Railway Station:
Address: 32 Nan Dajie
How to get there: by 5,7,10,13,18,131,133 such as the bus.
Hutie Bureau Baotou station passenger inquiry office at Tel 0472 -4431011
Hutie Bureau Baotou East Railway Station passenger inquiry office at Tel 0472 -4165915
Kun District, Baotou station ticket by phone :0472 -2125236
Baotou station the Castle Peak ticketing by Phone 0472 -3133116
Airport – a taxi (about $ 10) – East River (East Station) – Take 5 Road (2) – (Baotou Kun District Station)
Airport – a taxi (about $ 50) – Queensland District (header Station)
110,210 State Road, across town, Hubao expressway opened to traffic, 27 highways leading to all parts of the country, formed a Dandong —- —– Baotou —– Yinchuan —- Lhasa North and South, East and West counties and the North Sea — Xi’an — header — white clouds as a north-south axis, connected to the road network of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and nearly provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the density exceeds the national average.
Header – Hubao high speed (about two hours) – Hohhot
Baotou long-distance bus terminal address: car River West cerebral packet Front Street, No. 189.
The Baotou urban Kun District, Castle Peak District and the East River, which the Donghe District and the other two districts far 5,10,19,24,26,32,35,133, Tour 2 Tour 3 Road car compared between Baotou urban areas and the East River between bus Donghe District the multiple bus departure point in Baotou East Railway Station Station Square.
Travel lanes
Travel a road (double car)
Run line: Chiat – package 100 Building – Bayi Park – Baotou Hotel – blue sky and commercial buildings – Xihua club – Galaxy Plaza – Xing Garden Hotel – Television – Labor Park – Tian Wai Tian Hotel – Aoyama commercial buildings – Nalin commercial buildings – Green one hundred – Fuqiang Road – o – Farm Road – Castle Peak Hotel – Construction Bureau – Natatorium Galaxy – Galaxy Plaza – City Hall – Chiat.
Driving time: daily 09:00-17:30, every 40 minutes a trip, one way with about 55 minutes.
Tickets: one dollar, one vote.
Travel 2-way
Run line: Chiat – Baiyun – steel Avenue – Fuqiang Road – Wenhua Road – call Mulin Avenue – the construction of the road – road of civilization – Kazakhstan high Lok Road – Bayantala Avenue – Industrial Road – where halfway – Nanhai parks.
Journey time: holidays, weekends 08:30 (16:00 Back), 09:00 (16:30 Back), 09:30 (17:00 Back).
Tickets: one-way, $ 3, and from 5 yuan.
Tourist 3-way
Running lines: civil aviation community – two miles halfway -, Bayantala Street – outside the South Street – Ring Road – West cerebral package Avenue – Jianshe Road – steel Avenue – Baiyun – Chiat – Unity Street – Yanhe Road – Reservoir kundulun.
Travel time: May to October holidays, weekends from 08:00 (16:00 Back), 08:30 (16:30 Back).
Tickets: one way $ 5, and from 9 yuan.
Travel 4-way
Running route: democracy Road – Castle Peak Park – Aoyama commercial buildings – Nalin commercial buildings – Green one hundred – Fuqiang Road – Regent Hotel – Arden Park – National Road – State Road 110 – Kunduz The Lun reservoir.
Travel time: Travel 4-way seasonal coaches, 08:00 (16:00 Back), 08:30 (16:30 Back).
Tickets: one-way, $ 3, and from 5 yuan.
The Baotou taxi to the Jetta and Santana, from 6/2 km, after 1.5 yuan per kilometer.

Baotou bus

Buses to Hohhot (3hrs.) and Dongsheng (2hrs.) depart from the Baotou bus station, although for destinations further afield, it is probably better to take the train. Buses are mainly used for traveling to nearby sights, including Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum, Wudangzhao Monastery and the Resonant Gorge.

The main bus station is in the eastern section of the city, opposite the Donghe railway station. There are also long distance buses leaving from the station near to the intersection of Tuanjie dajie and Baiyun e’bo lu.

City transport: Minibuses shuttle back and forth within the city for just RMB2.5. Taxis and mini vans congregate round the railway station and tourist hotels. Although the minimum you have to pay is RMB8, it is still worth bargaining for longer journeys. Bike renting is also possible, ask in the Baotou Hotel, or other hotels, for details. Bikes are particularly useful for getting around in this vast, sprawling city.