1. Highway 2 KL (Gombak Toll) on Karak Highway towards East Coast (Jabor Toll)and continue towards Kuala Terengganu exit via Cukai town in Kemaman (Coastal road to Kemaman, Dungun and Kuala Terengganu)(223km
2. Highway 2 KL (Gombak Toll) on Karak
Highway and continue with East Coast Expressway to Kuantan exit.
Highway 3 Kuantan exit to Kuala Terengganu (Coastal road to Kemaman, Dungun and Kuala Terengganu) (223km)
3. tol is rm21.70
once u are out from the kuantan/jabor tol take the kemaman road.. go straight from there and u can see alot of chalets/budget hotel/ 4 star hotel along the road..
4. After paying 5rm toll you’re on Karak highway already, drive on until you reach Bentong toll.
Pay another 3rm toll, you’ll reach Karak toll where the East Coast highway awaits you…
For 2 hrs or so, drive on to Gambang toll and pay 16.90rm to exit to Federal road leading to Kuantan.
Halfway to Kuantan there’s a slip road to Kuala Terrenganu/Ktn. airport, turn to that road which is a extended Semambu highway.
This way you don’t need to enter Kuantan, drive on and follow the sign which will lead you to Cherating village via state road highway.
5. kopitiam Hai Peng nasi lemak bungkus berlaukkan ikan tongkol satar,otak2 dan lemang kijal keropok lekorShop Name: Kedai Kopi Hai Peng
location: 3753 Jalan Sulaimani, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.

6. to eat crab, drop by Tong Juan Restaurant & try the stuffed crabRestaurant Name: Tong Juan Restaurant (东源酿蟹)

One more food to try.. the hainan chicken rice somewhere near bus stop or behind post office?!

7. Try monica bay where there is turtle sanctuary. It is in geliga fishing village, not far from kemaman town about 10km away.The crab at tong juan restaurant is a must try. Also famous at geliga are food called otak-otak, keropok and satar. These are cottage industries and you will find many in geliga.Monica Bay, Geliga in Kemaman District Restoran Baiduri 2, Monica Bay, Chukai, otak-otak and sata at this Che Wan Stall in Chukai, Kemaman Kemaman, Terengganu
8. Mini Zoo Kemaman di Bukit Takal
9. 5 star resort hotel – Awana Kijal Golf,Beach and Spa Resort
10. Chukai town. Some people call this town Kemaman too
11. centre point Kemaman
12. casa limbong Chukai,Kemaman
13. * The Ma’ Daerah Turtle Sanctuary Centre (near Kerteh
* Firefly watching along Sungai Kak Yah (Kak Yah River) in Kampung Ibok
* The fishing village of Kuala Kemaman
* Boating and kayaking along the Chukai River at the Bakau Tinggi Recreational Area