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Forbidden Palace ..or forbidden city serves home of 24 emperors from Mongul ,Ming and Qing dynasty . 15th century.

Built by vietnamese Nguyen An阮安 which died penniless. The Chief Architects were Cai Xin  Chief Engineers were Kuai Xiang and Lu Xiang last and not at least lots convicts 🙂


No tree planted in hall of supreme harmony , central harmony and perfect harmony cos heaven no trees 🙂 or emperor scared  assassin hides in the trees.

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9 favourite numbers  “九(Nine)五(Five)之尊(Throne) 9:5 ratio

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Mystical animal stuff

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yes they need to renovate

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enclosed by a 10-meter-high red walls and a 52-meter-wide moat

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palace garden to be continue………..