..refill petrol at the shop at base of doi suthep ..keep on driving……you will reached doi suthep pui national park further then here you will reach coffee planter have a good sips of great coffee original better then starbucks 🙂
IMAGE~30IMAGE~22“starbuck” outlet with solid wood furnitures,smoking area still cool without air con
bear in mind the road is narrow,winding and muddy if raining and you have to donate blood to the leeches…below …above coffee trees

at the junction road one go left to  ban doi pui which famous for tourist….right  to……..ban khun changkean
at last ..correct direction  with english roadsign….. with crappy mobile camera
nothing much quiet with school children and few ladies doing the hilltribes handicrafts,the whole scene is typical hill tribes styles
IMAGE~27school kids line up for lunch time …do some donation at the box allocated

IMAGE~26impressive clean school hall .the best time to visit is end of december with Thai Sakura Blossom

doi suthep summit

overview  chiang mai.. do  pray your transport in good conditions especially hired 🙂