4 famous gardens in Guangdong ,China.
Keyuan Dongguan 东莞可园
Liang Garden foshan 佛山梁园
Qihui Garden Daliang Town, Shunde City 顺德清晖园
Yu Yin Shan Fang Panyu Guangzhou.番禺余荫山房

Zhang JinXiu – Keyuan Garden founder, who held the position of secretary of the justice of Jiangxi Province,he was a skillful in calligraphy, painting, music, chess and poems.

the main structure of the building was built by smoked bricks which is very classical design.

overview from the roof top

I was struck by the peacefulness of the lake ,flowers and greenery

typical chinese round entrance design.

skillful stone carving qing and ming dynasty era

12 chinese horoscope stone carving
not to forget the couple of lion stone carving male n female is a must item.and man made caves????

inside the gallery /meseum full of Qing and Ming dynasty antiques such as jade swords …oops not suppose to shot photo inside the gallery which didnt know that 🙂

how to get there ———-> browse thru here.