It’s booming of leds products and worldwide designer must add leds fittings with their new projects. otherwise their design never qualify for “Master Pieces “level.

Custom made pendant light with degussa rohm Plexiglas Germany 2000m diameter 250mm in a void area entrance .
at The Atrium Kuala Lumpur.

light source: Intelligent color change Led cove light.
color range : selected 9 to 12 additive RGB colors with variable intensity

Beam angle :85 degree.

Operate function contents mode :white ,speed +/- fix. the programmed mode contents color wash, color jump , fade-in /fade out and rainbow color chasing .

Application:-retail outlets, cafe, restaurants, conference room , lobby or entrance for hotels or building ,party place , hospital act as atmosphere lighting help people with good mood.

Dining area at The Atrium KL.
Custom made pendant light at lobby entrance The Atrium KL.

Picture from RDM interior design consultant.