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  1.  http://www.cwkee.com/ cheung wing kee noodles Factory 1207, Guardforce Centre, 3 Hok Yuen Street East, Hung Hom or retail 70-74 Wuhu Street, G/F., Shop C, Hung Hom. Opening Hour﹕7:30am – 7:30pm
  2. 上環永樂街61號地下 duck century egg E2 – MTR Central station and walk about 1 minute
  3. Ginger powder  & Green Tea &  Chu Hou sauce
  4. Black and white sweetened condensed milk  :))
  5. http://www.chanyeejai.com.hk/  century old snack shop  G/F, 176B, Queen’s Road Central. 

Roast goose


  1. Yat Lok 樂食館

    direction to Yat Lok is very straight forward

    a. Come out from Central Exit G

    b. Walk against the traffic until you reach Queen’s Road Central

    c. Cross the road and walk along the traffic until you see d’Aguilar Street

    d. Turn in, walk straight until you see Stanley Street on the right

    e. Turn right into Stanley Steet and walk straight to reach Yat Lo

  2. Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝 G/F, Po Wah Commercial Center, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

  3.  Wah Fung 華豐燒臘  112-114 Wellington Street, central
  4. Yung Kee Restaurant (Central)

Direction to Yung Kee is very straight forward

a. Come out from Central Exit G

b. Walk against the traffic until you reach Queen’s Road Central

c. Cross the road and walk along the traffic until you see d’Aguilar Street. Turn left into d’Aguilar Street, walk straight until you see Wellington Street on the right

d. Turn right into Wellington Street and you should see Yung Kee on your right


Lung wah  沙田龙华乳鸽  http://www.lungwahhotel.hk/

Beef brisket


  1.   Jun Yuen  珍苑麵家      shop B 148 Jockey club road sheung shui -8-min walk from Exit D1, Sheung Shui MTR Station
  2. Kau Kee Restaurant  21 Gough St, Central
  3. Sang Kee  20-22 Cleverly St, Sheung Wan
  4. Sister Wah  13A Electric Rd, Tin Hau,
  5. Wah Lam Noodle Restaurant G/F & 1/F, 5-11 Thomson Rd, Wan Chai

cha siu bao


  1. Choi Lung Restaurant 彩龍茶樓  2 Chuen Lung Street, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan 荃灣荃錦公路川龍街2號
    Opening hours: 5:30am – 2:30pm (Mon-Sat), 5:30am – 3pm (Sun & public holidays)
    Seating: 80-120
    Nearest railway: Tsuen Wan MTR
    Transportation: Bus 51 from Tsuen Wan Pier
  2. 大榮華酒樓  tai wing wah  – 2/F Koon Wong Mansion, 2-6 On Ning Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

  3. Dim sum 譽滿坊.G/F, 63 Sing Woo Rd, Happy Valley
  4. Golden Leaf  conrad hotel 88 queensways central
  5. Honolulu Bakery

Milk Tea


  1. Cheung Hing Coffee Shop 祥興咖啡室   G/F, 9 Yik Yam St, Happy Valley
  2. Hoi On cafe 海安咖啡室  G/F, 17, Connaught Rd, Sheung Wan
  3. Lan Fong Yuen  蘭芳園 2  Gage street  Central
  4. 金鳳茶餐廳 Kam Fun  G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, wan chai
  5.  祥香茶餐廳 Cheung Heung Tea Restaurant  107 Kennedy Town Belcher’s Street
  6. Lok Yuen 樂園  Shop 6, 3/F, Kowloon City Municipal Services Bldg, Nga Tsin Wai Rd     KowloonCity
  7. Tai Fat Restaurant 大發餐廳開心菜館. Shop 5, Beauty Court Shopping Centre, Hung Shui Kiu section of Castle Peak Rd., Yuen Long, New Territories
  8. Tak Yu cha chaan teng 德如茶餐廳灣仔. 17-18 Kwong Ming St., Wanchai
  9. Sing Kee 醒記 Kam Shek New Village, Tai Po.
  10. Tai Hing -www. taihingroast.com.hk various locations inc Shop 75, G/F, NMP, 14 Science Museum Rd, Tsim Tsa Tsui


Hong Kong – Dim Sum


1) 新興食家

Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town – Station MTR Kennedy Town Station Exit B and walk about 3 minutes

2)  蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House
162 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (Sheung Wan MTR Exit E2)
Opening Hours: 6am – 11pm

3)Toa Heng Super 88 (稻香超級漁港) , Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok http://www.taoheung.com.hk/tc/home/index.html

4)一點心 One Dim Sum (Tung Choi Street, Kowloon, near Prince Police Station)Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
太子運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號 (walking distance from Prince Edward MTR exit A).

5) Dim sum 譽滿坊.G/F, 63 Sing Woo Rd, Happy Valley  -cha siu bao


HAR GOW (蝦餃)  – Steamed Shrimp Dumplings
SIU MAI (燒賣) – Steamed Pork Dumplings
CHA SIU BAO (叉燒包)  – Barbecued Pork Buns
CHEUNG FUN (腸粉) – Rice Noodle Roll
LAI WONG BAO (奶皇包) – Egg Custard Bun
MA LAI GO (馬拉糕) – Steamed Sponge Cake
TAU SI FUNG ZAO (豉汁鳳爪) – Black Bean Chicken Feet
LO MAI GAI (糯米雞) – Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves
LO BAK GO (蘿蔔糕) – Fried Turnip Cakes
JE ZAP GO (椰汁糕) – Coconut Jelly Pudding

Noon Day Gun – Causeway Bay


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Noon Day Gun ( 5 mins walks) 260meters

Houston Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island 210meters to noon gun day

The canon is fired everyday at noon. 12am

打小人 5 minutes walk from the Canal Bridge direction MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit A along Russell Street

Free vegetarian food is served daily from 1.00 Pm till 7.30 -8.00 PM.
You can eat there or bring containers and pack as much as you like.
Normally, Dal, Vegetable and Rotis available. However on the Festival days more dishes are added and some sweets also served.

Cha chaan teng slangs



06 (ling luk): sounds like ling lok, “lemon Coke.”
206 (
yee ling luk): sounds like yit ling lok, “hot lemon Coke.”
走冰 (zau bing): “walk ice,” meaning “without ice.”
走青(zau tseng): “walk green,” meaning “no vegetables.”
靚仔 (leng zai): handsome man, meaning “white rice.”
靚仔化妝 (leng zai faa zhong): “Handsome man wearing makeup,” meaning “white rice with soy sauce.” (Not very common, but still excellent.)
行街 (hang gaai): “go out shopping.” Means “this order is for takeaway.”
加底 (gaa dai), “add bottom.” A request for an extra helping of noodles or rice.
扣底 (kau dai), “remove bottom,” less rice or noodles.
飛砂走奶 (fei saa zau nai): “fly sand, walk milk”—“sand” refers to saa tong, granulated sugar. So the phrase means “coffee without sugar or milk

Kung fu shoe – Sheung Wan


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190 Hollywood Rd., Sheung Wan mrs tam kwok kwong leather shoe just up the steps towards Pound Lane, tel: 2547 1368 Open daily, 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

Choose from one of the pre-made shoes in canvas or leather, or let Mrs Tam measure you for your very own custom-made pair  or go to Beijing  kungfu shoe 内联升 store to buy one:)

  • For congee I whole heartedly recommend Lor Fu Kei, Sheung Wan Queens Rd Central #144. Get off Sheung Wan station, exit E and walk about 5 mins. Congee is supposedly made to order.

    Lok Ku Rd, Sheung Wan. Intersection of Tung Street. On the Hollywood Rd side of the street. There is a small hole in the wall vintage watch place. Not sure if they do repairs, but they seem to know their stuff and might be able to put you in touch with someone who does repairs.

    Intersection of Wellington St and Queens Rd Central. South side corner. There’s a place that has a huge range of vintage stuff that I’ve been told also does high quality restorations, but is unlikely to be cheap

  • 111 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, +852 2543 8579, leekungman.com

Happy Valley racetrack


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How to get to the racetrack.Located in the north part of Hong Kong Island, it is easily accessible by any land transport. Take the MTR and get to the Causeway Bay MTR station. Get out of the station through Exit A and walk about 15 minutes along Matheson Street, Leighton Road and Wong Nai Chung Road to the public entrance.
Also, you can take a tram from anywhere on the northern side of the island. Just get on a tram marked “Happy Valley”. Trams are not a fast transport but very cheap (only HK$2.3) and you can explore the city.Standard admission fee is HK$10.Opening Hours:
7:00pm – 11:00pm (Wed, Sat & Sun). From September till June.
Tram: Hop on a tram marked “Happy Valley”.
Entrance Fee:Simply use your Octopus card or pay the HK$10 admission fee at Entrance G (see map) to get into the public enclosure area including the public stands, betting hall and public restaurants.
When to go:The gate opens at 5:15PM* on HW race night. The first Race usually start at 7:15PM* and run till around 11:00PM
Should you be anywhere on the north side of Hong Kong Island, simply hop on a tram marked “Happy Valley” and enjoy a scenic ride to the racecourse. Trams are not usually the fastest mode of transport, but at HK$2.3 they are the cheapest!

Horse-Racing Season at Happy Valley is from September to June (sometimes early July). Happy Valley races are normally on Wednesday Nights, first race starts at 7:15 p.m. and the gates open at 5:15 p.m. The races are done by 11:00 p.m.
There are normally 7 or 8 races at each race meeting and there are about 30 minutes in-between races.Tourists can buy a Members Badge for HK 100 which will give you access to the Members’ areas, including the Betting Halls in the upper floors, the Parade area at trackside and the finishing post area.


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